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Lavender & Juniper Berry Solid Shampoo

Lavender essential oil is known to be a good oil for all hair types and juniper berry essential oil helps with dry itchy scalp and may help reduce dandruff.

Unlike solid shampoo, liquid shampoo bars aneed detergents in them to lather up, so generally solid shampoo bars are made with less nasties in them. 

They’re also generally better for the environment. As well as not needing additives added to them, solid shampoo need minimal packaging, and are smaller in size. This means less plastic, and fewer air miles. Win win!

It’s incredibly easy to overuse liquid shampoo, and it seems so many people waste expensive shampoo because they think they need more than they actually do. And it’s much more difficult to over use your solid shampoo bar.

Using a solid shampoo bar will actually last you around 80-100 washes depending on your hair type, length and thickness. Around the same as three bottles of liquid shampoo. Impressive, huh?

Shampoo bars are mild and kinder on your scalp than many chemical-packed bottle products. Ordinary shampoo formulas are often toxic for your tresses, stripping your hair and scalp of natural oils and coating it in silicon-based substances and chemical preservatives. Natural shampoo bars replace this synthetic process with essential oils, to restore your hair to its former glory, making it soft, supple, and smelling fantastic. 

Let your solid shampoo dry between uses before returning to your storage tin to prolong the life of your shampoo.

Ingredients: Sodium Coco Sulphate, BTMS 50, Cetyl Alcohol, Coconut Oil, Lauric Acid, Witch Hazel, Polyquaternium 39, Essential oil, Liquidyze™ colour


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
If it can wash my hair, it can wash yours!

I have extremely thick, coarse, wavy/curly hair, and this is BY FAR the BEST shampoo I have ever used in my entire life!!!!💜🙌🏼 It leaves my hair feeling super clean and refreshed without the frizz. Plus I get so many hair washes for such a great price. I also love that each individual bar is hand-pressed 🥹 a product I can’t live without!!

See ya flakey scalp!

I’ve suffered for years with dandruff and my boys also this has been a life saver after years of using horrible supermarket products that strip my hair it’s so refreshing to use this it’s saved my scalp and me so much dollars!

I absolutely love to read reviews like this. Thank you Sarah

Who knew

I purchased my first solid shampoo over a year ago as I wanted to top up my order (can’t remember why maybe free delivery) I had heard all sorts of things about solid shampoo mostly negative..... obviously these people have never tried this one! It is so simple to use, creates a rich gentle lather which leaves my hair feeling clean and soft (not that over clean squeaky dry hair feeling) I now only use this and occasionally the solid shampoo on myself and my 6 y/o, I also use it as a all over wash on the baby..... one bar lasts 3-4 months on all 3 of us ...... the boys have their own each which has lasted over 6 months. Such great value for an amazing product!