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Meet The Maker

Let me introduce myself, my name is Luana Dominey and I am the owner and creator of You’re the Bomb’, home of the best bath bombs in New Zealand. I live and create in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand in a small coastal town called Timaru.

You’re the Bomb is a boutique online store that sells bath and beauty products. As sole maker/creator/magician I specialise in producing small batch, handcrafted products suitable for all ages. I love the unlimited creativity I can bring to ‘You’re the Bomb’ products.

I wake up every day excited about the future and passionate about my business. I am grateful to have the opportunity to make luxurious and quality products for customers. I love dreaming up new exciting bath and body products that create a memorable bathing experience, as well as being super nourishing for you skin.

Back in the early 2000’s, I studied and achieved a Fine Arts Diploma. I have exhibited and sold my work, in painting and printmaking. I have always been extremely passionate about art and being creative. It is something that has always inspired me. I love making beautiful things for people to use and enjoy. The pleasure I see that it brings to people is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling and the highest compliment I could receive.  

My business journey began in 2017, fuelled by my love and addiction for bath bombs. I was captivated by the transformative power of these fizzy delights, and I yearned to create the ultimate bath bomb experience. I knew that I wanted something safe and gentle, devoid of any harmful ingredients that could potentially harm myself or my precious at the time 3-year-old daughter.

Armed with my knowledge of other bath bombs and their potentially hazardous ingredients, I was determined to create a product that was kind to both our bodies and the environment. I meticulously researched and sourced the kindest ingredients that would ensure a soothing and nourishing bathing experience.

But I didn't stop there. I wanted my bath bombs to be visually striking, bursting with vibrant colours and captivating aromas. I explored various combinations of oils, extracts, and colourants to achieve a sensory feast for the eyes and nose. Each bath bomb became a work of art, transforming the water into a mesmerizing palette of hues and releasing fragrances that enveloped the senses.

Creating a unique and special bathing experience was paramount to me. I aimed to go beyond the ordinary and provide a moment of pure indulgence and relaxation. To accomplish this, I incorporated additional surprises into my bath bombs. Some contain hidden colourants that emerge as the bomb dissolves, while others released tiny bursts of glitter, or a water acitivated flashing light which adds an extra touch of magic and whimsy.

And above all, it had to be fun! Bath time should be a joyful escape, a chance to let go of the stresses of the day. I wanted my bath bombs to evoke a sense of playfulness and delight, turning an ordinary routine into an extraordinary adventure. From fizzing and bubbling to crackling and swirling, each bath bomb offers a delightful show, making every bath a moment of pure bliss.

With unwavering determination and a commitment to excellence, I can proudly say that I have achieved my dream. My bath bombs are not just products; they are a culmination of passion, love, and a deep desire to bring joy and relaxation into people's lives. And as I continue to innovate and explore new possibilities, my journey as a bath bomb creator is far from over.