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About the Brand

Let me introduce myself, my name is Luana Dominey and I am the owner and creator of You’re the Bomb’, home of the best bath bombs in New Zealand. I live and create in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand in a small coastal town called Timaru.

You’re the Bomb is a small boutique store and online store that sells bath and beauty products. As sole maker/creator I specialise in producing small batch, handcrafted products suitable for all ages. I love the unlimited creativity I can bring to ‘You’re the Bomb’ products.

I wake up every day excited about the future and passionate about my business. I am grateful to have the opportunity to make luxurious and quality products for customers. I love dreaming up new exciting bath and body products that create a memorable bathing experience, as well as being super nourishing for you skin.

Back in the early 2000’s, I studied and achieved a Fine Arts Diploma. I have exhibited and sold my work, in painting and printmaking. I have always been extremely passionate about art and being creative. It is something that has always inspired me. I love making beautiful things for people to use and enjoy. The pleasure I see that it brings to people is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling and the highest compliment I could receive.  

My love and addiction I have for bath bombs ignited a journey of trials and tribulations that started in 2017. My dream was to create what I had considered, was the ultimate bath bomb. I was persistent and unrelenting in pursuit of my goal. I had specific criteria’s in mind, a certain expectation that they would need to meet. I had knowledge of other bath bombs and was acutely aware of the potentially dangerous and hazardous ingredients that were used in many ‘massed produced’ bath bombs. I wanted a bath bomb that was safe, kind and gentle for myself and my 3 year old daughter at the time, that did not comprise of anything nasty. Next it needed to be unique, vibrant, aromatic and beautiful. I wanted a bath bomb that was visually dynamic and aesthetically pleasing. One that could produce a visual art and theatrical display, while creating a unique and special bathing experience. Lastly and most importantly, it had to be fun!

With perseverance and my quest for perfection, I believe I have achieved my dream. 


Recognition for my hard work pays off


 Luana Dominey

2018 Event Finalist at “BRING IT TO THE BOARDROOM” Competition
Photo courtesy Ballantynes Christchurch


“Bring it to the Boardroom” was a Ballantynes Dragons’ Den-style competition.

The competition was open to any NZ made designs or creations. Many applications were received throughout NZ, while only the absolute best competitors were selected and then invited to bring their best designs to the Ballantynes Boardroom in Christchurch.

The Grand Prize and winning package earned the rights to sell their products exclusively in Ballantynes stores for a period of 12 months with all sales going to the winner. Also included was 12 months free mentoring, media, and marketing to launch their products instore and online.

 Held over two sessions and only one day, competitors were required to ‘Present and Pitch’ their products or ideas, to a team of very discerning Ballantynes Buyers. It was later reported that, “the standard of products and ideas were incredible, which made the decision for the buyers a very difficult one”.

Although I did not win the ultimate prize, I was a finalist! After an in-depth discussion about my products and fielding many questions, I was highly praised for my creativity. The Ballantynes buyers said, "I made some truly beautiful products that smell divine". It was also said "You're the Bomb products would definitely be a unique product, unlike anything else currently sold in Ballantynes' stores".

The Grand Prize and competition winner went to a creator of children’s wear.

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