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About The Brand

You're The Bomb is dedicated to providing customers with the very best in bath bombs, whipped soaps, body wash, shampoos and more. The products are all handmade with the finest ingredients and are 100% vegan. All products are bursting with fun, bright colors that are safe and gentle on your skin.

My commitment to our customers is to provide them with a luxurious and enjoyable bath experience, while also being conscious of our environmental impact. I believe that business ethics are essential for a successful and sustainable business. In my business, I strive to reduce my environmental impact by utilising no single use plastic; bath bombs are wrapped in 'biolefin' a biodegradable alternative to plastic, recyclable jars and bottles; that actually get recycled in New Zealand, and biodegradable packing peanuts, made from expanded pop starch.

Additionally, I have implemented an in-store 'Bring It Back' recycling scheme in order to encourage customers to clean and return their containers to receive a free product on the 10th return. 

At You're The Bomb, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's an integral part of my business philosophy. I believe that by offering high-quality, vegan, and visually captivating products that are eco friendly, I can inspire others to make conscious choices that benefit both themselves and the planet.

To further enhance customer satisfaction, I actively listen to feedback and continuously strive to improve my products and packaging. Customer feedback is invaluable to me, as it helps me understand their preferences and expectations.