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Are Bath Bombs Truely Natural?

Are Bath Bombs Truely Natural?

Citric acid (one of the main ingredients in a bath bomb) is a common ingredient in many beauty products, but despite its prevalence, it is not a naturally occurring acid. It is actually a synthetic form of citric acid that is derived from a combination of chemicals and is produced in a laboratory.

Citric acid is touted as a natural ingredient. However, it is not actually a “natural” ingredient. While citrus fruits do contain citric acid, there is not enough fruit in the world to create the amount that is used in the beauty and food industries.  Citric acid is a synthetic ingredient, it is made through a fermentation process. The fermentation process creates a byproduct called citric acid created in a laboratory by combining sugar and certain types of bacteria. This process is much more efficient and cost-effective than extracting it from citrus fruits, which is why it is so widely used in the beauty industry.

Despite its popularity, many people are wary of using products that contain citric acid due to its synthetic nature. The truth is, citric acid can be a beneficial ingredient in beauty products. It is one of two main ingredients that give bath bombs that fizz we all love.

So now you know this - are bath bombs natural? Technically the answer is No, but just because something is man made or synthetic it doesn't mean it is bad for you.