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Customer Reviews

  • I get one of these bath bombs every week, it's my Friday night treat to myself. Visually they are absolutely beautiful, I mean all the photos and videos are testament to that; but, what they can't Express to you is the smell. These bath bombs (and the body butters and whipped soaps) smell absolutely ethereal! If you haven't tried any one of these products yet you absolutely have to! To say I love these products is an understatement. – Brogan
  • She’s totally amazing fast service and reply’s and so great, and thank you so much for my extra wee treat x def be back for more and smells so so so good - Suzi
  • It’s the little extra you do that makes the world a better place!!! Amazing products with amazing service to match I will be back again x – Hayley R
  • Absolutely love this place, the products smell so beautiful and work just as good, if not better, than big brand names. Will definitely be supporting and shopping local from now on – Aimee 
  • Purchased a whipped soap for my daughter’s birthday and a couple shower steamers. They smell amazing. I think I’m in love!! Will def be back for more!!! – Stacey S
  • We have brought a few different ones and the kids, and I love them!The bathroom smells amazing and most importantly my kids haven’t reacted to them which I was worried about given their sensitive skin. Make lovely gifts for all ages. – Alice
  • So, the lip balm is the bomb, it's so lush and creamy and makes your lips feel divine it's my new go to. – Ingrid
  • I brought some for my 7-year-old, but after jealously watching him use the first one I hid the rest and used them for myself! So great to be shopping and supporting local, smell lovely and make bath time a pleasure – Deb
  •  Love these bath bombs so much. She does an amazing job and don't leave the bath all yucky – Haley H
  • Finally got to indulge in my bath bomb tonight and it was the most delicious thing that has ever touched my body. Wild Freesia, fresh lime and lavender makes for a silky-smooth touch to my skin. I need more. It was the most perfect bath. I literally got in and said OMG! – Paula
  • Oh, my gawd! If you could smell this bath bomb! Put it this way it smells as beautiful as it looks! This one was particularly special, because its my favourite colour! Thank you You’re the Bomb this is the best one I have tried yet. Ladies these products are divine. If you haven’t tried them yet, then you absolutely need to. I have now tried the whipped soap too and I gotta tell you its beautiful. I have always had super sensitive skin and have only ever been able to use one type of face wash and it is very pricey. Well no longer. I have been using the whipped soap to wash my face and not only does it not dry out my skin it actually leaves it feeling soft and smooth. I love using a product that is from a local business, made from wonderful ingredients, as well as smelling amazing and looking beautiful; makes this time to myself so much more enjoyable and relaxing. I fill the bath and take the time to watch the bomb diffuse into it. Then I soak in all the deliciousness. – Brogan
  • Who am I kidding? I’ve definitely fallen in love with bath bombs! Who needs men?  Gosh this was such a beautiful bath bomb! Words can not explain! This beauty created a stunning show of pink and purple kissing the water. This is such a unique bath bomb – nothing I’ve ever seen before. It performed beautifully and floated the whole way through. The end water colour was this beautiful almost magenta colour. Super pretty, the scent of this was a delicate sexy fragrance, delicate and memorable.  Overall this was the perfect way to spend valentine’s day, although it would be a perfect treat anytime of the year. Girls start hitting your husbands up. - Jade